WPEngine Comparisons

WPEngine Comparisons August 2016 – the latest wp engine reviews & comparison articles. See how WPEngine compares to other webhosts such as Hostgator and Synthesis.

(Last Updated: Thursday 25th of August 2016)

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WPEngine Comparison

A newer hosting plan designed largely for WordPress sites, WPEngine is one of the more recent companies to make its mark on the hosting world. In comparison to other similar WordPress-based offerings, their plan is quite strong. WordPress focuses primarily on stability, security, and speed. As they are managed by a team of WordPress specialists, the company is especially strong for anyone seeking to use this platform as a content management system. Here’s our WPEngine Review to discuss the various features and comparisons of this company.


WPEngine has a basic pricing plan, setting you up for less than $30 per month for a single install. You will also have access to a number of security systems through this plan, where you get single day site backups, restore points, virus scanning, updates that are managed 100% by the company, and a guarantee of protection against hackers.

Given that they offer an entry level plan that is less than $30 per month, you’re getting a great value. To compare this to other similar setups, BackupBuddy costs $75 per month, while Hostgator will cost you about $80 per month to do a WordPress specific installation and hosting setup. So you’re really getting a great deal with WPEngine.

WPEngine Features

For a single install on a personal WordPress site, WPEngine provides 25K visits per month, 10GB of local storage, and unlimited data transfer. The professional plan provides 10 installs and 100K visits per month, while the business plan offers 25 installs and 30GB local storage with 400K visits per month.

You will also get access to a fully scalable set of optimized servers, with 100 percent (or very close to) reliability and uptime. This is due to WPEngine’s powerful cloud computing platform. Their secured web hosting setup allows you to manage your site with peace of mind, knowing you won’t be vulnerable to hackers.

Site Transfers for Free

If you find that you need to transfer your website from one platform to another, and would like to get your new site set up using WPEngine, they’ll do it for you. This means that if you have no tech experience at all, it’s not a problem. WPEngine’s service includes extremely helpful and knowledgeable tech reps, so they can set up your site, make sure it is SSL-enabled and secure, and check all the necessary settings to make sure you are functional and mobile-enabled. They’ll also help you set up your email account with the server, so you can start receiving company emails through your WPEngine account.

The company also includes full support for PHP, Linux, Firewall protection and backups. You will gain access to a full money-back guarantee if you aren’t happy, and can quickly create fully-functional WordPress sites just from the single personal plan.

In addition, WPEngine offers full performance VPS, a self-healing process, iWatch support, CloudFlare, and uptime management.

WPEngine vs Synthesis

While Synthesis does offer a number of features comparable to WPEngine, this company does not have the same affordability that WPEngine does. Their prices start at $47 per month for the smallest plan, while the top plan goes for $300 per month. They also don’t have the same reputation for reliability that WPEngine does, making them overall a weaker choice.

WPEngine vs Pagely

Pagely is another WP-based webhosting, but they do not have a money back guarantee and lack email support. They do not sell domains, which is a standard necessity for anyone looking to host a WordPress site. You also don’t get the same amount of plugins and reliability — as well as scalability — that you get with WPEngine.

WPEngine vs Siteground

Siteground offers similar plans to WPEngine, but they lack the same customer support. WPEngine’s tech reps are extremely helpful and ready to assist, but the same cannot be said of Siteground. If you have a problem, you’re basically on your own.

WPEngine vs Flywheel

While Flywheel offers reasonable pricing plans, they do not have the same amount of features that WPEngine offers. You will also have to set the site up on your own using Flywheel, so they aren’t as good a choice for people who are new to tech — or to WordPress in general. WPEngine still beats out all the other major WP-based companies, including Flywheel.

Customer Service

WPEngine’s customer service is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. They’re ready to assist you with any problems you might have with your account. They are available 24 hours per day, seven days a week. For this reason, the company has an extremely high and reliable customer service reputation.

In addition, since WPEngine has been around so long, they have a number of online help articles and video tutorials. This means that if something happens that requires you to go online to troubleshoot, you’re likely to find the answer to your problem without having to look very far at all.

Company Values

WPEngine’s core values are that it: 1) does what’s right for the customer, and 2) learns from its mistakes. So if something goes wrong with your website and you aren’t 100% satisfied, WPEngine will go the extra mile to make sure you are happy.

The company provides peace of mind, reputation, and extremely helpful service. The company strives to give you the most reasonable and affordable WordPress hosting available — offering 20% off on your first payment. Using coupons, you can save a ton on WordPress hosting through this platform.

User Reviews

Many individuals who’ve used WPEngine are highly satisfied with its service. One user said he loved the scalability offered by each plan, allowing him to quickly add more features to his site as he got more traffic each month. Another customer found that the assistance with transferring and moving her site from platform to platform was made easy through WPEngine. It was much easier and cheaper to go with this service than to choose a different, less reliable one.


If you’re looking for reliable, inexpensive hosting for your WordPress site, WPEngine beats out the competition. Offering a number of choices for each monthly plan, the company provides excellent features, customer service, and uptime. They’ll deliver on their promise, making them one of the best providers around. Rated 5/5 stars.

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